Sam & Sara

Isaac Caruso is the author and illustrator of the first children’s book illustrated ENTIRELY with murals! 52 walls have been painted throughout Arizona telling one cohesive story. The murals have been photographed and published to form a narrative, existing in book form and the real world. The book, called “Sam & Sara”, is inspired by the author’s learning disability.

It was self published May, 2023 and is available for purchase at

Isaac began painting his magnum opus during the pandemic. He lived and worked with diverse societies, from Bisbee to Winslow, Chloride to Ajo, and 22 other communities! The artist coordinated this project by contacting each area’s chamber of commerce, offering to donate Sam&Sara murals to smaller towns with no art budget. APS also participated, commissioning him to paint 14 power substations.

“Sam & Sara” is a book that ties vast regions of Arizona together through a common goal. It spreads awareness about neurodiversity, giving space to people in the ADD/Autistic community. Isaac had trouble learning in school, but he hopes this fun and interactive concept will inspire change in how society perceives people on the spectrum.

Mesa Public Schools and Washington Elementary School District include this book in their libraries. Isaac Caruso has been invited to speak at teacher’s conferences including the Arizona Art Education Association and the Arizona Science Teacher Association.

Since publication, the artist has been commissioned by Canal Convergence, Scottsdale Fashion Square, and Lululemon to create Sam & Sara murals that feature augmented reality.

Isaac hopes Sam & Sara will inspire neurodivergent people to embrace their unique and creative ways of thinking. Lehman Award recognition will help the author reach new audiences with this important message.

Sam & Sara murals exist in

Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Queen Valley, Seligman, Chloride, Patagonia, Winslow, Downtown Phoenix, Tempe, Ajo, Black Canyon City, Miami, Payson, Globe, Sahuarita, Sierra Vista, Florence, Tubac, Goodyear, Bisbee/McNeal, Tucson, Sky Harbor International Airport in Terminal 4, and Paradise Valley!