Hello, my name is Isaac Nicholas Caruso. I’m a 31 year old artist and creative director born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I make public art to communicate with communities and help give them a visual identity. The imagery I paint is powerful and uplifting, so that I may transform my surroundings with positivity. The external environments we share our meant to be augmented, in my opinion, and my humble service as an artist is to facilitate that by creating visual narratives that bind people together. I treat the act of painting murals as a performance piece by showing my love for the neighborhood and I strive to involve the community as much as possible in my process. Either for the sake of place making, entertaining our enhancing the urban landscape I try to make my world better through public art, for the enjoyment of everyone I share it with.

My previous clients include:
Arizona State University
The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona
Banner Children’s Hospital
Chicanos por la Causa
The City of Tempe
The City of Tucson
The Desert Botanical Garden
DTPHX organization
Justin Timberlake
The National Endowment for the Arts
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture
The Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Valley Metro
Roosevelt Row organization
Scottsdale Public Art
Superfly Productions
United Way
University of Arizona